Malibu and Sprite Cocktail Recipe

My Malibu and Sprite is a refreshing drink–ready in just 1 minute! This simple 2-ingredient cocktail is perfect anytime of year.

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Why I love this recipe!

  • Summery Flavors! Strawberries and lemonade definitely make the list of my favorite summertime flavors!
  • Easy To Make! Simply combine the ingredients, pour, and enjoy in just 5 minutes or less!
  • Large Batch! This Malibu & Sprite Recipe scales easily to yield more servings! If your pitcher isn’t large enough, try using a fun drink dispenser, they hold more AND look cute!
  • Super Smooth! You won’t find any strong alcohol flavor in this cocktail as it’s almost completely hidden between that coconut and lemon-lime taste!

The secret to this drink really lies in the silky coconut-y Malibu Rum! It has a refreshing taste that’s bursting with sweet bubbly lemon-lime flavor from the Sprite that helps the drink go down nice and smooth!

What do I need to make a Malibu and Sprite?

This Malibu and Sprite comes together quickly! Making a second or even third batch is a breeze! To make it, you’ll need:

  • Malibu Rum – Gives this drink its coconut flavor!
  • Sprite – Lemon-lime, sweet soda.
  • Ice – Keeps this Malibu and Sprite drink perfectly chilled!
  • Garnish – Slice up fresh lime wedges! But if you don’t have lime, it will still be delicious.

That’s it! I even added ice as an ingredient to make the list look longer.

Equipment Needed

  • Highball Glass: A highball is a tall, skinny glass. 
  • Bar Spoon: The long handle on bar spoons makes it really easy to stir and not make a mess.
  • OXO Angled Jiggers: My go-to measuring tools for cocktails.
  • Ice Cube Tray: You’ll need plenty of ice on hand to fill up your highball glass.

Malibu and Sprite variations

These are great ideas for tasty Malibu and Sprite drinks. Here are a few ideas to get you started—try:

PINEAPPLE JUICE: I keep mini (6 oz) cans of pineapple juice in my pantry. This way, I don’t need to open a large bottle of pineapple juice if I’m making a cocktail.

BLUE CURACAO: If you’re feeling adventurous, add blue curacao to give your Malibu & Sprite a visually striking twist.

When to serve Malibu and Sprite

  • Summer cocktail
  • Summer barbecue
  • Brunch
  • Girls Night In
  • Luau’s
  • Cocktail party
  • After dinner drink
  • Holiday Gathering (garnish with fresh cranberries for a festive twist)

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Malibu and Sprite recipe

This simple drink is just the thing when you’re in a hurry. Malibu and Sprite is a delicious combo that’s so easy to make!

Malibu and Sprite

Malibu and Sprite

Malibu and Sprite is the ultimate easy rum cocktail! Here’s the ratio for how to make it and a few ideas on how to step it up.


  • 2 oz Malibu Rum

  • 4 oz Sprite

  • 1 lime wedge, for garnish


  • Add the Malibu and Sprite to a tall glass over ice
  • Stir to combine
  • Garnish with a lime wedge


  • I like to squeeze in extra lime to add little bit more flavor.
Pro Tip

The 1:2 pour is a classic ratio. The 1:3 pour is often preferred by modern drinkers who like sweeter drinks.

Malibu and Sprite FAQs

What does Malibu rum taste like?

Malibu rum is a sweet and creamy coconut liqueur with notes of vanilla custard. With it’s lightly toasted coconut aroma, delicate body, warming rum taste, and silky finish–some say it’s smooth enough to drink straight.

What if I don’t have any Sprite?

If you’re all out of Sprite, there are several soda substitutions, including:

  • Sierra Mist
  • 7-Up
  • Fresca
  • Mountain Dew
  • Store brand lemon-lime soda
  • You can also use lemon or lime seltzer water–just stir in simple syrup!

How many calories are in Malibu and Sprite?

A 1.5 oz serving of Malibu Rum contains approximately 109 calories. 12 oz of Sprite contains 151 calories.

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