Gin and Sprite Recipe

I’ve found that the combination of gin and Sprite makes a simple yet satisfying cocktail. This is how I make the very best version of this two-ingredient cocktail.

Everything that you need to know about mixing a gin and Sprite is right there in the name.

I know it’s basic, but I LOVE that it’s light and refreshing while also being easy. As you know I like limes, so when I make this cocktail I add extra lime juice and wedges!

Gin and Sprite

What is gin and Sprite?

The Gin and Sprite is one of the easiest gin drink EVER! It may sound low-brow, but it’s a legit. This 2-ingredient cocktail is usually 1 part gin to 2-4 parts Sprite. Depending on how strong you like your drink. It can be garnished with a lime wedge. I like add extra lime for more flavor.

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Gin and Sprite tips

Here’s how to take this drink to the next level!

  • The 1:2 pour creates a gin and Sprite. To make this in the average 10 oz highball glass, pour 2 oz of gin and 4 oz of Sprite over plenty of ice!
  • Modern drinkers often prefer the 1:3 pour because we tend to like sweeter drinks.
  • I pour a good gin that I don’t mind drinking straight. But a budget or well gin like Beefeater works perfectly too in my opinion.
  • I recommend putting the gin in the freezer for ultimate chill—I find that this helps the ice melt slower.
  • I always make sure everything is ice cold (even the glass)
  • Don’t skimp on the lime wedge!

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The gin and Sprite ratio

Gin has a subtle flavor, so you’ll taste more of the Sprite than the alcohol. Here’s the right gin to Sprite ratio:

  • 1 part gin to 2 parts Sprite OR
  • 2 oz gin to 4 oz Sprite

You can adjust the ratio depending on how strong you like your cocktails.

I find the classic 1:2 and even 1:3 ratio a bit STRONG myself. So I add more Sprite–I sometimes use a 1:6 ratio.

Tip: Add lime for complexity!

For the BEST gin and Sprite, I muddle lime or lemon to step it up! 

I recommend muddling 2 lime wedges in the glass first. The drink begs for the brightness from lime to cut the Sprite’s sweetness! You can also use lemon, if that’s all you have.

Why I love this recipe!

  • Zesty Flavors! Limes definitely make the list of my favorite summertime flavors!
  • Easy To Make! Simply combine the ingredients, pour, and enjoy in just 1 minute!
  • Smooth! The gin is almost completely hidden by Sprite’s lemon-lime soda taste!
  • Large Batch! Depending on the size of my pitcher, I can easily scale it to yield more servings!

Ingredient notes

This Gin and Sprite recipe comes together as easily as it goes down! Making a second or even third batch is a breeze! To make this cocktail, you’ll need:

  • Gin – I like Beefeater gin–no need for expensive liquor in my drinks!
  • Sprite – Bubbly, lemon-lime sweetness. I use diet Sprite or Sprite Zero.
  • Ice – Keeps gin and Sprite cocktails perfectly chilled!
  • Lime – Slice up fresh lime wedges to muddle and garnish the glass!

Gin and Sprite recipe

Gin and Sprite recipe combines gin and Sprite lemon-lime soda, with a twist of lime. This refreshingly easy drink is ready in just 1 minute!

Gin and Sprite Recipe

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Gin and Sprite Recipe combines vodka and Sprite lemon-lime soda, with a twist of lime. This refreshing and bubbly drink is ready in just 1 minute!


  • 4 oz Sprite

  • 1 oz gin

  • 1 lime wedge, for garnish or squeezing

  • Optional: 2 lime wedges for muddling


  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Pour gin and Sprite over the ice.
  • Gently stir to combine.
  • Garnish or squeeze in lime wedge.
  • Serve immediately.


  • Muddle two lime or lemon wedges in the glass first----to step it up! 
  • Chill the glass and make sure everything is ice cold.
  • Don't skimp on the lime wedges.

Most of the time at home, I whip up a 2-ingredient cocktail. I love creating easy cocktails for the blog! If you were to ask me my favorite easy gin recipe, I’d most likely say this gin and Sprite.

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